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Our Story...

At 22 years old, Chris, a Texas cowboy, and Heather, a Virginia suburbanite, met in 1996 here until very recently was named Fort Bragg. The Army took them to California, Texas and then back to Fort Bragg. Having served 22 years in the Army, Chris is a veteran with 3 tours to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. 

During Chris’s service and in 2006, Heather, being a licensed clinical social worker, valuing the animal/human bond and draw to nature, started her private mental health practice using the farm and animals called Hope-thru-Horses, Inc. She started her practice on their very first farm consisting of 2.5 acres. 

Chris always had his eye on this property, but felt it was so far out of reach. Then, in 2018, it all began to beautifully unfold. 

Two weeks after purchasing the property, we were hit with Hurricane Florence, a category 4. (For those who visit, from the back creek in the woods flooded our property covering the back and middle pastures.) 

What comes with natural disasters? Insurance adjusters!  They needed a place to stay and the property just happen to have 3 guest rooms a mother-in-law apartment to offer.  Parkton Place was born! 

P.S. In November of 2023, Heather and Chris celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. 

The House

Nope, it isn’t old! Situated on 30-acres, Parkton Place was built in 2002. On the other hand, the property offers some great history. It was originally owned and developed by the Gillis family, long time area farmers. 

 As the stories have been told... Great great grandma Gillis resided on this property where the front pig pen is now situated. She reportedly was a part of the Parkton Railroad depot back in 1884. 

While metal detecting in the pig pen area, Gillis relatives have found a broken cooper spoon along with tractor implements.  That spoon might have belonged to their great great grandmother! 

In the pasture with the brown barn, metal detectors found a carriage (like horse and carriage) plate from the Fayetteville Carriage Company dating back to the late 1800s.  That plate belonged to a carriage situated on this property or a visiting carriage back in the day. 

We don’t know anything about how or why this property was developed in 2002. Fortunately for us, the couple divorced and we got a deal of a lifetime! 

The house and property were deplorable. The floor-boards were saturated with animal urine, the fields required 5 passes with the tractor to mow trees and weeds, the list goes on and on. 

It was and is our goal to make this place a little nicer everyday.  



Q: What does it cost to have my wedding at Parkton Place? 
A:  Our outdoor venue rental fee starts at $1,250. 


Q: Does the $1250 include tables and chairs? 

A: $1250 includes the venue ONLY. Other arrangements have to be made for anything your wedding requires. 


Q: Do you offer packages? 

A: Yes, you can rent the venue, arrange for tables/chairs/etc. for 50 guests package starting at $2615. 


Q: Do you offer packages with a coordinator? 

A: Yes, you can book a package to include venue, rentals and coordination starting at $3650. 


Q: What’s included with the rental fee? 
A: The rental fee includes your chosen layout of the event (front yard, back yard, pond, barn, wherever you’d like). 

The rental fee includes access to Parkton Place Friday evening, Saturday from 9AM until midnight and clean up on Sunday. 
Q: Are there any hidden fees? 
A: No. Extra fees are only charged in the event of damage or if additional cleaning is required at the conclusion of your event. 
Q: Do you allow alcohol? 
A: Alcohol is allowed with proper permitting from the North Carolina ABC Commission. 


Q: Can I take photos with the animals? 

A: Photos with the animals can be arranged prior to your event for a separate handling fee. 

My Story

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